An international motor racing business wanted to grow and invest in its digital assets, to reach their full digital potential globally. The business’s ultimate objectives were to:

  • Transform their existing non-digital fans into digital ones;

  • Increase the engagement of their global digital fan base;

  • Directly monetise digital fans, through subscriptions and games; and

  • Indirectly monetise their digital fans, through digital based sponsorship and advertising initiatives.


We used our big data analytics technology, combined with our digital marketing expertise, to create targeted engagement and monetisation strategies designed to grow the digital business. To achieve this, we:

  • Extracted, cleansed, processed and collated 200 million sessions for a full year across all devices from the business’s digital assets;

  • Segmented fans into actionable groups using our unique methodology; and

  • Developed detailed pricing and content strategies based on the key behaviours of each group.


Our data analysis and digital marketing strategies increased the fan engagement across the business’s digital assets, leading to a significant increase in their global digital revenues.

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